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put your money where your mouth is. good one. >> andrea: do you believe in angels? i do. these pictures will make you believe. up with of the makeup artist here who is sweet and spiritual visiting the town next to sandy hook. they wouldn't let her stop in sandy hook. she drove by. look at this, this looks like an angel. it's over sandy hook. uncanny. this replaced it a few moments after at dusk. a bright light that did not come off the wind shield we will post it on "the five." but it will give you chills. >> bob: that is terrific. i believe in angels. that is more proof. major league baseball hall of fame, only the second time in 42 years did not induct anybody in the hall of fame. once again, people like sammy sosa, mcguire and pete rose did not make it. for good reason. >> kimberly: people were under suspicion of steroid use. >> andrea: we have to get
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out of here. thank you for watching. see you back here i'm andy levy in for greg gutfeld who is out with the threw. which i have too, but i'm not a baby about it. tom, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, andy. coming up, the usa continues to be number one about everything even things people don't want to be number one in. will astronauts go to mars? probably not. and because of the number of players clouded by the doping scandal there will be no one inducted into the baseball hall of fame this year including the ones all but certain, lance armstrong. lance is scheduled to sit down with oprah for a tell all, but will it improve his chances for a cooper town retirement? too early to tell. andy? >> thanks, tom, but lance armstrong is not a baseball player. >> not anymore. he has been banned for life.
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>> no, he actually he is a cyclist. >> good for him. he will have plenty of free time. if riding a bicycle were a sport i'm sure he would excel at that too. >> thank god you have a fact checker tonight. see you later. let's welcome our guest. i am here with tokes news -- fox newschannel anchor jute yell huddy, bill schulz, apologies to our viewers, and next to me a first tile guest political consultant, roger stone. and he is better suited as stuffing because he knows particularly nothing, our new york times correspondent. how are you, pinch? >> julia huddy writes how people in the workforce must be more supportive of each other in her column called "-- >> if i wasn't feeling nauseous -- >> a block.
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the lede. that's the first story. >> if i wasn't feeling nauseous before i am now. we are number one at dying young. experts say americans are way more unhealthy than people in 16 other developed countries. apparently it is our own faults. according to researchers at the national academy of sciences we succumb too soon from things like obesity, heart disease and carpal tunnel syndrome. and despite spending more than double on health care than other so-called nations like britain, france and sweden, we don't live any longer and we are not as healthy. says the lead doctor, quote, the size of the health disadvantage was pretty stunning. why are we so sickly? a bunch of reasons such as our fondness for fast-food. and car accidents, gun violence and drug over doses are major contributors to years of life lost by americans before age 50. and as that did doctor from before put it, we have a country that cherishes personal autonomy and wants to limit intrusion of entities in our lives. some of the forces may act
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against the ability to achieve optimal health outcomes. also we apparently consume too many cigarettes. >> adults, don't try that at home. kids, do whatever you wants. >> roger, welcome to the show. is this saying we would be healthier? >> the whole problem is the government wasn't running enough of our lives. parents don't tell their kids what to eat. they don't tell their kids to get off the couch. they don't tell their kids to quit playing the video games and go outside. the problem is our government. >> sherrod, let me ask you this, we have problems with drugs and problems with cars
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and problems with guns. we have delicious fast-food. we are basically trading our health for a conscious decision to have more fun. jay are we? >> -- >> are we? >> we r. >> who says the people ain't dying? it is not a bunch of scientists going down, right? a lot of people you don't need them around anyway. i say hooray to all of the dead people. it is easier to find an apartment like that. >> and that is shaw rad's final final -- that is sherrod's final solution. >> i think we have to bleep all of that. >> it is same study showed if you hit 75 you had it made. old people are living longer. it is the young people who are dying. >> you just have to get past that. in -- >> in all seriousness, we have the lowest probability of surviving until the age of 50, isn't it? >> it is not scary.
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>> i don't know the way your mind -- your warped mind works. >> i agree with what roger said. this is the honey boo boo society. >> don't bring her into this. >> i will bring her into this. these stupid shows where the parents do nothing. it is not just parents, it is everybody. the barometer for what is moral and what is reasonable is totally out of whack. that's all have i to say about that. >> then i will move on. >> so, what, sweden, they livelonger in sweden and livelonger in britain? >> and they are healthier. >> with britain and those teeth they are healthier? >> it is not like that anymore over there. >> it is exactly like that. >> i have seen kate middleton. >> and her sister. >> exact leer. >> bill, getting to sherrod's point, in america you are considered healthy and in sweden you would be considered deceased. that kind of says it all.
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>> in uzbekistan i am the color blue. that's a fun fact. is anyone at all surprised that this over fed, over sexed sloth-ridden society is number one in all of these categories? >> i wish you would leave me out of it. >> i wasn't talking to you. i was talking to my friends to the left and right. >> you are a nonentity that speaks. >> you noy how many countries would love to be known as the fat country? they would die to be known as the fatsos. >> america knows nothing about meals. italians know how to eat. >> and they know how to drink. you have wine with your meals and you don't go over board. >> and there are not the cul fates -- sulfates required for you and that's why you never see fat french men. >> and you will a of the cream and butter is fine. >> a sociology who was part of the research team who makes me feel good about the research
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said, quote, the bottom line is, quote, we are not preventing damaging health behaviors. i feel like that is code for we need more from government intervention. >> it is a nanny state to come in and tell you how many ounces of coke you can have. >> i agree. >> we have an appetite for -- this is a society and we go oh this is terrible. we are dying young. we do have the appetite. look at the reality show successes. this is what people like to see. they like to see the train wrecks. >> to quote leonard skynnard, we have an appetite for destruction. >> or watching honey boo boo put down a jar of mayo. >> i can't even tell which is the mayo and which is honey boo boo anymore. one has blonde hair, i think. >> from dying young to getting shun. should one type of heat draw more heat? when it comes to not voting barry bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa into the hall of fame due to alleged steroids.
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is it nothing but a bunch of cherry picking moral lists? cooperstowns opened its gates to countless racist, drunks, cheats, brawlers and drug addicts. drawing the line on integrity is a sticky wicked to use a baseball term. notes one us historian, baseball has had huh poke craw see when it comes to its heros. when it comes to these votes, character should matter. but once you let in tycobb how do you not let in anyone else? 12-time gold glover winner captain incredible has yet to get the 75% needed for p coulders town and i for -- for cooperstown and i am outraged.
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>> is there a difference between being a racist or jerk and taking drugs to make you a better player? >> it is all about getting in. i looked at this and barry bonds got 36% of the vote. he needed 75. the next time i should do his campaign and there would be more votes cast for him. it was a lousy election. jay sherrod -- >> sherrod, baseball loves statistics and is that what we are talking about here? if they don't care about racism, you mess with the statistics. >> they love climbing up on the high horse and acting like they are holier than thou. they are losers in cooperstown. like cooperstown is the gate to heaven and you have to be a pure soul to come in. stop it. just put them in. eventually they will get in anyway. some people haven't been proven to be cheaters. it is just assumed. you can't stop them forever. >> and there are no steroids in professional sports. >> not any sports. >> the line backers, all
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natural. >> it is a good point though. a little known fact, and i apologize to the bureau of tourism, cooperstown is creepy. you have to go past a bunch of meth towns to go -- >> what towns? >> meth towns. it is a meth strewn area. you get to this ideal lick town and it is one street. all of the delis are full of weird people. >> it is like a little steven king village. >> completely. it was eye opening. you will have a weird time, but not necessarily a good time. >> welcome dove state new york. >> so juliette, i know you think cal ripken, junior is the most over rated player in baseball history? >> wait, wait, wait, excuse me? how dare you? >> i am not finished, ma'am. so given that what do you think of the decision not to elect anyone this year? >> i am conflicted over it because i know that there are a lot of fantastic players who have taken steroids and done the doping thing. they are probably slipping
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by. but i do like the message it sends and i think it is about time we hold these guys accountable and especially the ones who get up there. roger clemens -- i never did anything -- look, you mow, it is what it is. >> i think they knew no one was getting in and that's why today they say they are having a random test of hgh. i think it was one plan. >> that is not a bad point? >> bonds, clemens, they are just the ones that got caught. >> completely. >> cal ripken never would have. >> stop giving to contracts to those who are cheating and then the others won't cheat. >> it is nice that frank thomas will go into the hall as of next year. >> bill, as a white sox fan you know frank thomas most likely took steroids and won't ever get into the hall. >> he came out of his mom's private part looking like a line backer. that is natural. i have the pictures to prove it. i will say this, when you are talking about the halve fame and white sox don't give me the curse of the bambino or
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there is a little billy goat that made us not go to the world series. we threw a world series. you want a curse, you 2 to that. >> roger, there will be a hall of fame ceremony because the veterans committee voted some in, but it will be smaller and probably not as large. >> and no dj. >> it is going to hurt local businesses like the dj businesses in cooperstown. basically the baseball writers hate america. >> i understood that they inducted no one because no one even came close. although the way this usually works is even yogi bear raw got 67% his first time out and didn't win until the second time. so maybe next year is barry bonds' year. who knows? >> isn't the message they were trying to send, the baseball writers got together and decided they would send it? >> the message is they are on to you. everybody knows that every athlete in the country is using. >> i think mike piazza didn't get in because his name looks like pizza and every time you
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see his name you want pizza and you don't got it. >> but everybody loves pizza so if you love pizza you should love him. >> but every time you see it you want pizza. >> and would use a fork. >> he should send a pizza to every one of the writers voting and as they eat it think of piazza. jay he gets tired of the piazza and poohy swraw ties and the thought that you are even talking about this makes him sick. >> you know who would have interesting thoughts is pete rose. i saw him earlier this morning and he said he has a reality show coming on tbs later this season. he said that five times. >> so he is really invested in this. >> apparently 8:00. >> and it is called "coming up roses." >> i bet it fails? >> what? >> do we have time for the third story? all right, from the hall to a fall. will he tell oprah about the dopra? lance armstrong is giving his first tv interview since being
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stripped of his tour de dprans titles and it is to the big o. it will air on january 17th on oprah's network, i believe g4, and it promises to be a 90-minute q and a. the cancer survivor was thinking of admitting he used performance enhancing drugs would help him gain his eligibility. said his lawyer, when and if he has something to say there won't be any secret about it. whatever that means. and what do cats think of bill schulz? >> you worship all things oprah. what do you think she will get lance to admit? >> he is a liar and we were
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pulling for him. he stabbed us all in the back. the dumb yellow bracelet and he double crossed me. >> i have not a shray. armstrong landed on me. >> let me build on that point. armstrong has help to raise millions for cancer research. it helped him win a stupid bike race. >> he had a platform to get the exposure to get people to give him lots of money to raise the funds. so on one hand, yes. i am conflicted, but when i saw that picture, that became so famous and it was taken a couple months ago when he was laying on his couch and his mansion with all of the jerseys. it is like, you son of a [bleep] and you wanted to slap him. he gets what he deserves. he deserves what he gets, i mean. >> if he admits to doping now,
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isn't he in some trouble? >> well, he could theoretically be charged with perjury, but i think his larger problem is his race is against father time. he is looking a little long in the tooth to be out there racing. i don't think he gets back in. >> and in addition to the perjury he had like the sunday times in england, a newspaper owned by a great, great man armstrong brought a libel action and the paper settled for 300,000 pounds. now they are suing him to get that money back. >> english libel law is different than the united states, but he is at the end of the road. he is not going to get back in. i don't think admitting anything is smart. one of my best rules, deny everything, admit nothing, launch counterattack. >> that's basically what he did for a large number of years. >> bill, what annoys me the most about all of this is we end up talking about cycling which survey shows consistently voted the only sport less interesting than soccer. should he have been stripped
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of his tour de france titles if everybody else was doping too? >> speaking of cycling, when women are together for awhile they start cycling together. >> oh jeez. >> i am talking about sport. as far as lance is concerned there is no way he will do this. stop smirking at me. there is no way he will do this. forget about the perjury charges. all of the things he promoted -- he already has a couple of them that are suing him right now. they will come out. he will end up dying broke if he says anything. it is not going to happen. people said a lot of things about him. he is a jerk, a bully, possible pour nothing graw fer, i have heard that. one thing they never said he was stupid. if he does this he is stupid. >> where did you hear about he was a possible pornogropher. >> you said it and then heard yourself say it. >> now we have all heard it. >> i bet sheryl crowe is loving this because she was devastated when they broke up as you know. >> she was so devastated she
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started dating kid rock. that's some real hurt. that's some real hurt. coming up, the panel will all swap clothes and then swap back before we get back from the break. and then what does it take to be a mars astronaut? probably a bad ass spacesuit and snacks, lots of snacks. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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star surge? more like planet surge. a nonprofit organization plans to establish a human settlement by 202 throughy and they started a rigorous search for astronauts. yes future citizens of the purple planet will be chose envy yaw a reality competition show. anyone can apply, but
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according to the just released criteria they must have a deep sense of purpose, willingness to build and maintain healthy relationships, the capacity for self-reflection and an ability to trust. i am 0-4. anyway mars 1 experts and viewers of a global televised program will choose among the aspiring astronauts. one woman has already sent this application video. >> i think she is already on mars. >> she is on something. >> so sherrod, if we went to mars you would be all over this, wouldn't ?u. >> hell no. >> free weed. >> send it back. they don't grow the stuff in america now. they are grown somewhere. they will fed ex it.
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i wouldn't go to mars. i wouldn't want to be the first or second groups to go. it is going to suck. you want to go through not having a toilet? you go when the mall gets there. >> you don't have the pioneer spirit, do you? >> no. i will get there when the mall gets there. >> newt gingrich, the candidate. take calista and leave her there. >> i think he found calista there. >> i believe the andy warhol foundation wants the wig back. >> juliette, what we have to hope is people unlike us would have skills that are useful. >> i think we all have the skills ssments i don't under how anybody could want to do that. it would be so frightening. you get up there and then one person turns and you are completely screwed. i don't know. i just can't imagine anybody getting out there. >> some people want to do it. they have that spirit in them. they want to be the first one there.
12:25 am
>> it is a weird breathing apparatus. just no. >> if i was 18 maybe i would go. >> not at your advanced age. >> but the same kind of people who want to do this are also mel gibson in "conspiracy theory." it is not the kind of people you want representing us. >> if it was anything like the movie they will know carpentry and a woman with nice boobs. >> why would they not -- if we are going to do this, why not just send criminals up there? i was joking about that in our talking points, but seriously, just get rid of them. >> because we are trying to -- no, we are not. we are trying to colonize a planet here. >> why? >> we don't want to send them -- >> and let's get to another point. this group says anyone can apply except red heads. it is harsh, but if you didn't -- we can't have gingers colonizing the solar
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system. jay it is the red planet. we can't see them if they go there. it is a little too much camouflage. i am curious, capable and resourceful. can we please take all of the billions that would have been funded this this stupid project and do something useful with it like clone the wool imam moth. >> it is privately funded. >> never mind everything i just said. >> roger, what if you could colonize a libertarian-esque government. >> if they take our guns we may have to go there. if you have complete freedom and marijuana was legal and where there was no congress, i like it. >> that's what i am saying. >> marijuana is illegal in america, but it is not super illegal. >> i make a phone call and i got it in five minutes. >> it is super legal in sherrod's backpack in the green room. >> if you go to mars go to the hilton hotel and flash them at
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the front desk. that's all there is to it. got a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. still to come, the half time report from tom shaw lieu. >> tonight is sponsored by lion dogs. those canines who have been shaved to resemble had large predatory cat. thanks lion dogs.
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let's see if we got anything wrong so far. we will go to thomas wshillou. >> good to see you, andy. no matter how things go here at this half time, i want you to know i have great respect for you and the whole panel. >> thank you, thank you. >> go to hell. >> that does president -- doesn't bode well. >> i was interested in the first story. when ever i read a study in which america comes out low on the ladder i always look and i see the solution that the authors suggest are always a left of center political solution. the solution is cutting the corporate tax rate. or opening an economic freedom the way that -- like hong kong. it is always a left wing thing. i looked at it skeptically, and then i saw the statistics
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of infant mortality. those numbers can't lie, andy? >> they can. they may be. there were a lot of statistics in here, and there was a lot of evidence, but was it dispositive? >> i don't know it was dispositive, tom, but i thank you for doing a call back from was it last week? >> yes. >> that might be the longest call back in the history of pseudo comedy. >> let's look at these statistics for infant mortality. >> the chair of the study, dr. dr. steven wolf, first of all he blamed it on the culture. we have a culture that chair rishz the personal autonomy. they want to find limits to an intrusion of government and other entities on our personal lives. perhaps those forces act against the ability to achieve optimal health outcomes.
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i thought, now this guy is definitely -- he is obviously running a bias study here. let's look at the numbers. infant mortality i thought, how can the u.s. be so low in infant mortality. according to the way staw ties ties -- statistics are calculated in germany and austria, a baby that is born premature, weighing less than 500 grams is not considered a living child. but in this country it is. infant mortality statistics, most children, most infant mortality happened within the first 24 hours. babies that only last a day. in our country any baby that is born that has any signs of life is considered alive. but they consider them still born. the statistics are completely off the map. i am not saying -- i don't know if i have all of the statistics here. i think our viewers have to look this up. the thing is you have to look at infant mortality statistics. >> i have a feeling the
12:34 am
viewers like the panel checked out awhile ago. >> show us the dead babies, right? >> yes. i am going to give you some real numbers here. >> please don't. >> we want to see the babies. >> andy. >> tom. >> since 2000 42 of the world's 52 surviving babies weighing less than 400 grams were born in the united states. what does that tell you? >> it tells me we have really good doctors. >> exactly. and look at all of these statistics in the study. the name of the study, we are unhealthy and we die of things like obesity and heart disease. we eat a lot of steak and lobster. we are a successful country. we are far more likely to be murdered. yes, that's true. there saw lot of youth shooting each other. >> the lapsos make you moody.
12:35 am
>> probably not the same as you eating all of the steaks and lobsters. >> the obesity in heart disease is because we are such a wealthy country we eat uh the lo of rich foods. >> and we can afford guns. >> we are more likely to die in car accidents because we have cars, andy. we have automobiles. of course we are more likely to die in highway accidents. we have highways. >> you know who doesn't die in accidents? >> basically falling off camels diswhrie is a legitimate point. >> you said that we are the lowest probability of living to age 50. there is your answer right there. all of those three factors we do die young, but it is because of our success and our highways and our eating steaks. >> it is all relative. >> according to billy joel the reason we die young is because we are good. >> do you want to be evil?
12:36 am
>> i found the statistics fascinating. roger you were talking on this issue and the italians know how to eat. you said they eat better and respect their meal times and whatnot and you described that as being better than the united states. but the italians, they are not working. >> their political system has 45 parties. they all have 2%. everybody stops at meal time. >> that's because they can't be fired from their job. ofof course they spend three hours at lunch. >> and they know the pasta is coming. >> the only job you can get there is to watch burr law scow knee has sex. >> i just saw a dude set himself on fire because he couldn't pay $250,000 of tacks he owes because he lost his be jo.
12:37 am
bon-apetit. >> are you suggesting they eat him? well that makes sense. >> by the way, bill, you said that our country we are over sexed and over slothed. just those two, is there anything else -- sometimes we can be over bashful. we are not doing it. be friends with me, america. >> i ignored juliette for the first story. >> most people do. >> the second story the halve fame. andy was being facetious. you are a huge fan of cal ripken. >> i am a huge fan. don't even mess with michael ripken. >> i worked for the orioles. >> he is the worst. >> do you even know who he is? >> sherrod, you said stop giving big contracts to people who cheat and people will stop
12:38 am
cheating. america rewards people regardless of whether they cheat or not. >> these baseball guys know who is doing steroids way before we know it. they know way before. everybody knows what is going on. >> you know when a guy shows up it is that guy. jay he is getting an extension for $20 million. i will do what he is doing. >> barry bonds threw this whole scandal he was very popular in san francisco. they loved him. >> i tell you one think barry bonds won't be is broke. >> it is not stupid hall of fame, they did it for dollars. >> bill, i thought you slandered cooperstown about the crack about the meth labs. >> that was true, dear boy. >> the cooperstown news it says the meth labs are a growing part of the area.
12:39 am
>> you know how i do that? i have eyeballs and i drove through there. it was by the skin of my pants. >> you know what he says? meth is also known as ice, crystal, crank, glass, speed, meth and dozens of other names. >> all names of my daughters. >> i love how you pretend this is news to you. >> i have no idea. >> these kids. >> by the way, speed. >> he just thinks you are talking about a pool. >> he says it is called speed as well. >> i remember that from the 1970s. >> same stuff. >> it is the same stuff. >> it is interesting you say that. >> quickly about lance armstrong, every seems holier than though. why was that the straw that broke the camel's back? >> i never paid attention to
12:40 am
him . when that scandal broke he started denying it was doing it, and it was clear he did do it over the course of many, many years. and he just kind of like to the world by putting that picture on twitter, it was obnoxious. >> i just want to know what is all of the -- all of the people are shocked that there is gambling going on in the casino. everyone in cycling was doing these. >> i didn't know. i don't follow cycling. this is a guy. you put him on an elevated, moral level. >> even when they took his award away from the tour de france they couldn't give it to somebody else. everybody was doping. the second dude doped. >> malcolm glad well he was writing, and he was a business insider. he was basically better than everyone else, but in using
12:41 am
ped's. he looked at it as part of the race and it is an element in the competition. why not make that part of the definition. >> that's great logic. >> what, does it make you a star? >> if every other hurdler is running over them, aren't you going to start not jumping over them too? >> everybody is doing it. again i think in his case he was running campaigns to destroy people who are accusing him. he went out of his way to kill anyone who made the insin you >> i do it for money. >> thank you, andy. i'm done. >> see you at the end. >> coming up, what is up with things and stuff? we will investigate. >> we will look at the oscar nominations, next.
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was it for blasphemy from the academy? leading with 12 nods is "lincoln" the film about the guy on the pen nay who later became president. "life of pi" got best use of a cgi tiger and" "les miserables"" got 8. this year's snub, a term i coined just now is "argo"'s ben afflec and katherine bigelow and leonardo dicaprio and samuel l jackson for best supporting actor and everybody in" magic mike" for best ensemble ever. >> let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> i knew it was coming. you are haters now. >> sherrod, "lincoln" is the early favorite for best picture. >> take a moment for lincoln, other than ronald regan what other two republicans can we
12:46 am
talk about? >> hubert humphrey much? >> doesn't he make a vacuum cleaner? >> that's hoover. >> i think it will win it all. you can't put steven spielberg and lincoln under the same you will brel law. >> and tommy lee jones. >> he didn't make it for best actor did it? >> yes jie. he was better in "lincoln" than he was in" men in black." >> i thought daniel day. >> tommy lee stole that movie. >> he had the best lines. >> and the interracial sex. >> that's true with his maid. >> that's right. >> he for it up, i heard. >> juliette, biggest snub? >> i have to be honest, i don't see movies really. >> you are one of those? you don't even have a tv, do you? >> no, i don't have cable or anything like that. >> i don't go to the movie views. i just date the people in them. >> no, i want to say i am happy. i haven't seen "les-mis."
12:47 am
>> i didn't think it had enough singing. more singing. >> you are dudes. >> is "les-mis" the worst best picture. >> it is a snooze fest. somebody had an excess of french revolution costumes. it is bad. >> it is a story that has been loved and beloved by millions around the world. >> it is horribly sung and horribly directed. >> i heard anne hath away was fantastic. >> you heard incorrectly. her snot was over looked for best supporting actress. >> so you said adam lambert was correct jie. he was correct. >> he will be more correct when he returns my phone calls. >> bill, have you been ranting all day about the fact that kevin james was snubed for "here comes the boom." jamie and everybody who follows my blog. kevin james and where comes the -- and here comes the boom is awesome .org. i have a theory about oscar and best picture nominees.
12:48 am
they call it getting wiggy with it. the movie with the most wigs wins. it is a toss up between lincoln and "les miserables." >> what is the best picture? >> they are all lucky "gangster squad" is this year and not last year. that kicked tail. that was unbelievable. "lincoln" takes it. >> sherrod? >> i think "lincoln" will take it. >> you do know i was in the movie "django" i played a body double when he had jamie foxx upside down in the barn. that was me. it got a little chilly in there, but i had good girth. >> oh god. >> this was after you won the role in the look alike contest? >> you need to meet more black people. >> time to take a break. "zero dark 30" should win for best picture.
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the future of meetings is here. >> i am ignoring the exclamation point. it is amazing and creepy. suitable technologies rolled out a product called beam remote presence device or brpd or burped. terror has a new name. >> anything outstanding or can we wrap up? >> hey, susan. i wanted to talk to you about a problem we are having. >> let's talk after. thanks, every. thanks, everyone. >> hey, mark, do you have a sec? >> absolutely. >> i heard there is an issue with the hinge mechanism. >> i actually have two problem areas right here.
12:54 am
>> what are you doing? >> you beat me here. >> let's talk to engineering. >> is that a seriously legit -- >> i thought maybe this is like a joke like a funny or die thing. but i looked it up. it got written up in some tech magazines. >> i would always be on the toilet when i am on there. i need you to send a fax to the l.a. office. l.a. office needs a fax. >> if you were sitting at your desk, juliette and heard a
12:55 am
voice behind you and turned around and that thing was there what would be your reaction? >> i would be horrified. >> i would freak. >> i would be horrified. i like the last scene where they go off. >> they start making out. >> it won't catch on because you can't have sex with it. >> can't you? >> that is just one point. we will get to that. bill, something like this might allow you to spend time with your daughters. i am guessing you hate the idea. >> i hate the idea if it involves parental time with my daughters. but let me ask you this, if i use that thing and go to adam lambert's house is that breaking and entering? >> i think it is still stalking. >> that's not good. >> by the way, do you think it is beam remote presence? that's the worst name ever. >> they could have come up with a better name. at least have something about a robot.
12:56 am
>> it has a big brother feel to it that is disturbing. >> do you have to speak as robotically awful as those actors? >> that's what i want to know. >> you have beat me here. let us go to the other place together. terrible. >> it would be fun to talk like that if you had one of these things. just lie to people and say no, that's just the machine. >> speak like this. >> what are my orders? >> it does not compute. >> all right, we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tom shillou. for more news go to fox eye.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
coming up on the next "red eye" a return from imus in the morning and will run from" the daily caller."

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